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One last night in Limerick

This week has been unbelievable.  Yesterday, after my stroll around Limerick, I checked out this restaurant across from my hotel on O’Connel St. called Luigi Malones a quick dinner.  The food was great.  They even gave me a glass of complimentary red wine which wasn’t all that bad.

Following dinner I met up with my friend Rachel and from there we joined with a bunch of people for another night out at Molly’s.  Had a blast, although I came back home with a few scratches and a bruise on my back.

Today started off much like yesterday did.  I walked around by myself for a bit…. ended up in People’s Park and then made my way all the way down to the Hunt Museum to check out the 50’s Chic/60’s Cheek exhibit, which was somewhat of a disappointment due to the lack of photography they had on display.

That evening I met up with my friend Rachel and her friend Claire, who rode the bus with me up to the Ryan’s where I saw Hazel and Mike once again.  We all had some pizza (which wasn’t all the bad) and then we made some plans for the night.

My last night there was incredible.  Hazel, Rachel, Claire, and myself all went out to a a few pubs and a few clubs, including Nancy Blakes, Molly’s, and Icon.  I can’t tell you enough how good it felt to be there… especially with Hazel and Rachel who I hadn’t seen prior to this week in about 8 years.

At some point in the night a photographer took our picture.  I guess it’ll be in a Limerick newspaper sometime next week.  I’m looking forward to seeing it.

I had to end the night by packing for my trip back home.  My flight leaves in just a few hours and I need to stay awake to catch the bus to the aiport.