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Follow me on Twitter

After resisting the micro-blogging hype for all this time without any good reason, I finally gave in and created an account with Twitter.  If you’re signed up, you should follow me: @seanhenri.  If not, you should head on over to and sign up.  It’s both addictive and fun.

One thing that I really like about Twitter is that I can post updates via Google Talk or through text messages.  This is great for all of these bottled-up ridiculous thoughts I’m always having.  And I’ve gotten it synced up so it automatically changes my Facebook status. 

Another thing I’m looking into doing is setting up a feed for all of my social network activity on the sidebar, much like what you see in your mini-news feed on Facebook.  So, keep an eye for that in the near future.  It’ll be just one more way you can e-stalk me.  I apologize for being such a nerd.