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The beginning of a week in Martinique

Late Sunday night we finally arrived in Martinique’s capital, Fort de France.  Club Med had arranged for a taxi to drive us to the resort, which was about 45 kilometers to the south in Sainte Anne.  Not a bad ride, but the price-tag was a bit of a shock – 75 Euros.  Convert that to American dollars, and you’ll  see it’s quite a bit.

Club Med has turned out to be quite impressive.  The beach here is amazing – everything you’d imagine from an island in the Caribbean.  The food and drinks fantastic, and readily available.  If you’re looking to relax, this is the place to do it.

If you know me well, you’ll know that sitting around being lazy is a hard thing for me to do.   And it’s been an adjustment.  But I’m beginning to think I could get used to this.

A few early thoughts:

  • I’m the whitest person on the island
  • I really wish I spoke French
  • I’m probably the only person to ever visit Martinique with a laptop
  • If you come here, don’t arrive on a Sunday.  Transportation is rough.
  • I should have gotten a tan before I arrived.  Sunburn sucks.

More to come.  Below is a pic of a thunderstorm forming to the north from the beach here at Club Med.