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Traveling to Martinque

Remember that trip I won earlier this year?   Round trip airfare for two and reservations an all-inclusive resort on the French Caribbean island of Martinique.  Well I finally went, and I brought my Dad along. 

It’s not every day you win a trip, so at first I was a bit skeptical.  In fact, I remained skeptical up until I received the plane tickets and hotel reservations in the mail.  But it turned out to be legit, and now I’m sitting on a deck surrounded by palm trees, sun-burnt from head to toe.

The trip from Hartford to Martinique was a long one. Out flight left the airport at 730 in the morning and landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We had about 7 hours to kill before our transfer left the airport so we decided to take a taxi into old San Juan, where we checked out a few shops and the Fort San Felipe del Morro, walked around, and visited some shops.

Then it was back to the airport where we boarded our rickety two-propeller flight bound for Martinique.    I’ll post more later as I’m tight on time at the moment, but for now here’s a few pics from San Juan.

Fort San Felipe del Morro

Fort San Felipe del Morro

San Juan