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The Commodore Hull Theatre

Last night I checked out the former Commodore Hull Theatre on Elizabeth Street in Derby.  The theater shut its doors in 1958 and was converted into parking space for an adjacent TV showroom.  Today, the building remains, but only as a parking lot for nearby offices.

Commodore Hull Theatre - Derby, CT

Much of the original interior has been stripped away, but the projection box and proscenium where the screen and stage once stood still remain.   Along the walls and ceiling you can see sections of the original medieval themed mural as well as remnants of the original hand painted symbols, patterns, and sculptures.

Commodore Hull Theatre

Above is an old view of the theater from Elizabeth Street.  If anyone has pictures of the interior from the days when the theater was still operational, please send me an email.  I’d be interested in seeing them.

I should point out that the theater is private property, and you may want to seek permission before checking it out on your own.