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Paul Rudolph’s Temple Street Garage

Not sure what it is… but I really like the the Temple Street Parking Garage in New Haven.  The building next to it was recently demolished so it’s become much more visible from the street.  Now I’m stuck staring at it for about ten minutes every day as I sit in traffic on my drive into work, and it’s slowly begun to grow on me.

The architect, Paul Rudolph, seems to gets a bad wrap from critics, and many in the public hate his work for being too impractical, cold, and oppressive.  One of his building was even set on fire back in the 60’s.   As a result of all the resentment, many of the buildings he designed have been demolished in recent years. 

I’m one of the few who tend to like his work.  I couldn’t tell you why, but I do. I guess it could be partly due to the fact that I used to work in one of his buildings.  But who knows.  I admit that I know very little about architecture so I have no authority on this whatsoever. 

Anyway, the New Haven Advocate has a article on the garage this week.  Check it out.

Sketch of the Temple St. Garage