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“Hell House” in Seymour

(Note: Since posting this blog, local residents have informed me that the house is actually located in Seymour, so the title of this post has been adjusted accordingly.  Please refrain from posting directions or an address.)

I was a bit surprised to find out that the town I live in, Derby, CT, was once the setting for an episode of the Discovery Channel‘s A Haunting.  The episode, titled “Hell House”, told the story of the Beckwith family who supposedly began seeing ghosts and other strange phenomena shortly after moving to a new home.  Local ghost hunters Ed & Lorraine Warren were called in to help along with other  “paranormal investigators”, and an exorcism was performed.

I particularly enjoyed the line: “Today, in the historic towns of Seymour and Derby, the legions of dead beneath the land far outnumber the living.”  Spooky…