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A few short hours in Limerick before Galway

Alright so soon after I landed Richie Hayes picked me up from Shannon airport.  After a quick chat he immediately drove me up to the top of this hill where I could see an unbelievable view of the Shannon region and Limerick.  He was able to point out three different counties to me.  Seriously, the view was unreal.  It was incredible.  There was a thick fog moving quickly up the hill so we didn’t have very long to take pictures.  One of them I posted the other day.  He told me how they used to hang people up on top of that hill back in the very early 1900’s…. pretty damn amazing.

From there we ventured up to Limerick University where I checked out some old abandoned mill and took a few pictures.  Richie had to head to work so Tom and i walked around Limerick for a bit before I jumped on a bus headed towards Galway.  It was just a 2 hour ride… but I knew I was going to fall alseep instantly, and I did.